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Nora Vitz Harrison ... chronicles inspirational true stories via the 'canine correspondence' between Kilroy and Riley.

Publishers Weekly

Harrison's delightful book reminds us that dogs serve as guides to the sighted as well as the blind. Open this book and your heart will be opened, too.

— Nancy Peterson

The Humane Society
of the United States

The dogs [Harrison] profiles and the lessons they teach will linger in readers' memories long after they close the book.

Best Friends magazine

DEAR KILROY is about making connections in life that are meaningful and lasting. It quietly tells us what we need to do — laugh more, love more, live more. It is a self-help book in the truest sense."

—Anthony Saxman,
mental health therapist

“Funny, heartwarming ... Recommended (with a tissue alert).

Library Journal

A dog may be the only animal capable of flawless, unconditional love. And it is in this simple, pure love — as expressed by our canine friends in the tales from this book—that we find the perfect way to live.

— Jason Smith, Editor

Just Labs magazine

DEAR KILROY will lift your spirits and touch your soul.

— Bob Phillips, CEO (retired)

Guide Dogs for the Blind

...a celebration of the ties between man and dog.

— The News-Review