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Who is Kilroy?
Kilroy, a yellow Labrador retriever, started life as a potential guide for the blind. His life took a detour when he was dropped from the program. The author's sister, Alice, adopted him as a pet. The love he brought to her life eased her through a very difficult time—the dissolution of her eighteen-year marriage. Kilroy "failed" as a guide dog. Instead, he became Alice's guide as she made her journey from sorrow to new happiness. Kilroy taught us that success takes many forms.

Kilroy and Alice's story is just one of seventeen real-life tales that follow a few special canines (from guide dogs to adopted-from-the-shelter mutts) and the human lives they change.

Why do we love Kilroy?

Some of the best teachers in this world have four legs and bark. Dogs help us make friends, transcend tragedies, grieve the loss of loved ones, and just plain enjoy life. According to researchers, pets improve our human immune-system functions—a fancy way to say they make us feel good. DEAR KILROY, a collection of inspirational stories, photographs, and imaginary canine correspondence, celebrates this magical relationship between people and dogs.

Funny. Moving. Heart-tugging.
A perfect gift.